Brush Chipping Service

Getting rid of overgrowth can be a tough job. Fortunately, we have the heavy-duty equipment that we need. Loggers, trimmers, and a log loader truck can all be on your property, ready to make it safe.

You don’t want to delay your land clearing efforts. The longer that aged or rotting trees stand, the more likely it is that they will fall. This could have a disastrous effect if it hurts somebody or damages any of your property.

Once the overgrowth is cut down, it has to be eliminated. A good way of doing this is mulching everything into wood chips. This is an eco-friendly way of clearing out land. The wood chips will decompose, improving the quality of the local soil.

If you’re a Worcester County or surrounding town resident who needs help clearing land, get in touch with us. Axpert Tree Service Inc proudly serves its community in keeping the property clear and safe from hazards.


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